Frames & Lenses

So you need to wear glasses?

Whatever the reason, choosing the right pair of spectacles can be a complicated business. That is because your purchase depends on far more than whether you like a certain design and/or the price. It will depend on your vision problems and the type of lenses that you require, your face shape, hairstyle, colouring and personality, as well as your lifestyle and the work you do. If you work in an office, for example, you may want to choose lenses with a special anti-reflective coating that helps reduce the glare of artificial lighting. If you wear glasses all the time, you may want to consider paying a little extra for the latest lightweight lenses as these can make wearing glasses far more comfortable.

Sometimes you just need more than one pair of glasses, you don’t wear only one pair of shoes for working, dancing, walking in the woods, or playing sport, so you need different optical answers for different tasks and situations. We stock a wide range of glasses to suit each of your different needs, situation and budget. Visit or call your nearest branch if you have any questions about frames to fit your needs.

Lens Options | Coatings



Lens Options

  • Varifocals: offer a solution for near, middle and distance viewing. They are comfortable and convenient for all day wear.
  • Bifocals: offer a solution for near and distance viewing only. The reading part is visible at the bottom of the lens.
  • Light-reactive: available in all lens types varifocals, bifocals and single vision. The benefits of light-reactive lenses are that they protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays.  They change quickly outdoors to reduce glare and increase comfort.



  • UV filter: helps protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays.
  • Hardcoat: helps prevent your lenses scratching from everyday use.
  • Anti-Reflection (AR): allow virtually 100% of light to pass through the lens (while a conventional lens reflects 8% of the light reaching it). This improves contrast and definition to give you sharper, clearer vision. It also helps with the clarity of vision at night when driving by reducing the reflections of headlights and street lamps. The coating also reduces eye fatigue whilst using computers.
  • Tints: Range of colours include Grey, Brown and Green.


At I J Brown Opticians it is our aim to make choosing and buying glasses a pleasure rather than a chore. Being independent has allowed us to provide high quality tailored ophthalmic dispensing to our patients. Lenses are completely made to requirement, whether it’s a simple case of pre-calculating exact frame dimensions to produce the lightest/ thinnest possible lens or choosing specific lens materials, designs and coatings. We source the best product, provide additional measurements and choose to glaze at the manufacturer or at our workshop in Weymouth to create the very best finished spectacles.

In each of our practices our qualified dispensing opticians are on hand to help you find the perfect frame. Taking into account your visual, lifestyle and vocational needs they will advise you on the most appropriate spectacles and ensure that once selected they fit correctly. They can also provide information, advice and practical tips about buying and wearing contact lenses. Another option that is available to you.